Le Sens’ DJ Course

Le Sens Music School DJ Course

Le Sens’ DJ Course

Published on: Feb / 2017

Take a look at some of the students work!


Program details for (DJ) Program

  • Voice-over presentation
  • Play/pause/cue/effects
  • Song Selection & Mixing
  • Recording & Performance


Students will learn about beat matching, song selection, and the effects of a DJ Controller eventually record their own creative mixes.

Voice-over Presentation

Students will get hands on and understanding the standards of voice projection, Speech articulation & presentation just like a radio DJ / Pilot /or a commentator for a Stadium game.


The DJ Controller is fascinating with its buttons and knobs to control a song thoroughly, but adding cue points, effects, scratch, Changing the tempo & Many More.

Song Selection & Mixing

Learning the Song Structure, Different Genres & its History of a track may be easily understood and blending perfectly over the DJ controller, while changing the tempo and mixing with equalization will outshine every individual challenging their creativity.


Recording of their mixtape- Selected Songs from the groups will be presented by the Emcee & Mixed By the Rest of the group Members,(with the environment theme they choose) and Trip to DJ/Digital Music Program Facilities.


Performance will have the whole class presenting a showcase group by group with their creative ways to DJ & Present their groups concept with Style.


Curriculum Category

Student will be guided throughout the program, a step by step guide to the DJ/Digital music production software’s, Songwriting & Performance.

Assessment Description
  • Functions of a DJ controller
  • Cue, EQ ,Play according to beat layers
  • Bar & melody understanding
  • Introducing song in player
  • Planning of ways to execute mix
  • Bass, Mids, High
  • Rolling effect
  • Loop Effect
  • Emcee
  • Voice-overs
  • Selection of songs
  • Mixing of Song
  • Stage presentation
  • Students will be graded accordingly to the steps of DJ Program (Serato) using a production software.
  • DJ Controller handouts will be given to individual students
  • Final grading of students attendance & Competency in the program


Course Package

DJ Course Levels Total Hours
Basic + Intermediate+ Advance 36 Hours
LEVEL Months
Basic 3 months (12 lessons / 1.5 hour per week)
Intermediate 2 months (8 lessons / 1.5 hour per week)
Advance 1 month (4 lessons / 1.5 hour per week)
Registration fee Applicable $50
Course notes Free


  • Students that Completes All Levels gets free Access with instructor for Practice Sessions Le Sens’ Music for 1 year.

  • At the end of the course Students Gets DJ profile & Certificate of completion.

Venue : 189 Selegie Road, #B1-08 Selegie Centre

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