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For Students

What is Chalktalk?

Chalktalk is an online marketplace where anyone in the world can learn or teach a course on virtually anything. Courses are available whenever you want and from wherever you are. Chalktalk’s mission is to let anyone learn anything, anywhere. We offer on-demand, affordable courses so that you can realize your dreams and aspirations on your own terms, whether it’s for career advancement or personal interest.

Chalktalk courses are entirely on-demand which means that you can enroll in the courses that interest you and learn at your own pace. Once you enroll, you have lifetime access. This means that courses never expire.

Lifetime Access

One of the great things about Chalktalk is that you can login to your account from anywhere, whenever you want, and access your courses easily! We strongly believe that students will benefit from the limitless educational possibilities this feature presents. Once you purchase a course, you’ll have access for life, provided that your account is in good standing and Chalktalk continues to have a license to a course.

You have the freedom to learn at your own pace. Chalktalk is your classroom – learn anything, anytime, anywhere!

100% Refund Policy

We try our very best to ensure that only the best lesson providers are available to you, and we stand behind them with a 100% Refund Policy. If at any point of time, a lesson enrolled is cancelled, we GUARANTEE you a 100% refund of all fees paid. If at any point of time a lesson is postponed by the lesson provider, you will be immediately enrolled into the next available class similar to the one you booked, or be offered a 100% refund if you choose to do so.

System Requirements

If your computer is running on Windows XP, you can certainly use Chalktalk. To watch courses, we recommend using Google Chrome. You can download Chrome for free here.

Minimum System Requirements

Latest Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and IE10, IE11 for desktop/laptop

Adobe Flash Player 10.0.22+ plug-in

Broadband connection with 500+ Kbps

PC Specific Requirements Platform: Windows 2000 or higher with latest updates installed

Processor: 500MHz or faster RAM: 128MB or more

Video Card: at least 64MB of video memory

Sound Card: at least 16-bit

Mac Specific Requirements

Platform: Mac OS X 10.3 or higher with latest updates installed

Processor: 1.83MHz Intel Core Duo or faster

RAM: 128MB or more

Video Card: at least 64MB of video memory

Sound Card: at least 16-bit

Preview a Course

If you’re not sure if a course is right for you can start a free preview. From the course landing page, click on FREE COURSE. You’ll be able to preview a handful of lectures selected by the instructor.

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For Instructor

What does a typical ChalkTalk course look like?

A typical ChalkTalk course has 30mins to 10 hours of content, with a minimum requirement of at least 30 mins of content.

Are there any costs associated with creating a course on ChalkTalk?

None at all! Creating a course is entirely free for our instructors and there are never any maintenance fees.

You keep 85% of the revenue when students sign up for your ChalkTalk course. We will take 15% cut(inclusive of 4% Paypal transaction fee).

ChalkTalk handles all customer service, payment processing and hosting fees, and gives you access to the complete feature set of ChalkTalk including the mobile version of your courses – all for no additional cost!

How should I price my course?

Courses on ChalkTalk can be priced between $0 and $50,000. You can determine your own course price.

When will I receive my payout?

 We will payout to our instructors by the 3rd working day of the month, and 3 working days after the student completed the course.

How long are students able to access my course?

Once your course is purchased, the student has access to all course materials indefinitely, just like an on-demand channel!

What does ChalkTalk do to promote my course?

We are focused on enabling our instructors to successfully promote their courses via our marketing channels like various online channels.

Are there any standards or requirements I should know about while creating my course?

Yes. ChalkTalk reviews all courses published on our platform to make ensure they meet our standards for quality.  There are 3 important standards to keep in mind:

  1. Courses should contain at least 30 minutes of content.
  2. Courses should be well structured to deliver on learning objectives.
  3. Audio should be clear and intelligible; Video should be clear, well-lit, and high-definition.

What type of equipment (camera, microphone, software) do I need to create an online course?

There are many, very low-cost ways to create your online course, and many tools to help you shoot video, edit video, create great sound, set up lighting, and more. You can engage our help by signing up and speaking with our Chalktalk Developments team for a small fee!