Programming Drone with Tickle by SMTC – 8 hour

learn to programme drone using tickle

Programming Drone with Tickle by SMTC – 8 hour

Published on: Feb / 2017

Programming Drone with Tickle by SMTC –  8 hour course

This Course is designed to develop Learner’s computational thinking concepts and practices (iterative, remixing and etc.) Learner will be able to using Tickle to program the flying of the drone. The programming courses helps students to learn to think creatively, reason systematically, and work collaboratively — essential skills for life in the 21st century.

Skills-Future Credit can be used for this course

Participant will receive a Certificate of attendance at the end of the course issued by SMTC

Course Curriculum

  • Section 1 : Introduction to tickle and interface

  • Section 2 : Introduction to Basic concept

  • Section 3 : Introducting to advance concept

  • Section 4 : Learning how to Communicate and programme the movement to Drone


Class size: 25 students

Venue: Junction 10 , #02-10

There are no upcoming dates for this event.