Gym workout with Jason Chee

gym workout with Jason Chee

Gym workout with Jason Chee

Published on: Mar / 2017

I have been the fitness line for 8 years and counting now. I have worked in commercial gym, managed my own gym and now doing freelance training. Many people have misconception regarding personal trainers, I am here to clear all those misconceptions. A trainer is more than someone who ask you to do certain exercises and count reps besides you. Over years of experience, my philosophy is to build a rapport with my client, understand their fitness goals and train accordingly, focus on form, posture and muscle activation, not going through motion. Last but not least, providing nutrition and supplement advice. i am as serious as you are in this journey.

Body training transformation

I am not going to be gimmicky and say that I specialise in this and that, or I am able to get you your beach body in 30 days etc. What I will do is basically understand your needs, be it losing fat, getting stronger or building an aesthetic physique, and then train you accordingly.

I have gone through numerous pageants and competitions, hence building up someone’s confidence is definitely important in my opinion. Fitness is a lifestyle and if you embrace it, you will feel good from inside out.


My Training Videos

My Awards and Recognition


  • FISAF core certified
  • FISAF personal trainer certified
  • Best model Singapore 2011 winner
  • Best model world 2011, best in Asia
  • Cleo bachelor 2011, bachelor with best bod
  • Manhunt Singapore 2012, True fitness best bod
  • Manhunt Singapore 2012, Best physique
  • Manhunt Singapore 2012, Mr fabulous tan
  • Manhunt Singapore 2012, best evening wear
  • Manhunt Singapore 2012, Winner
  • Manhunt international 2012, Mr popularity
  • Manhunt international 2012, 4th runner up
  • Singapore fitness model search 2014, 2nd place
  • Physique war 2015, Winner


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