WordPress for Designer

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WordPress for Designer

Published on: Mar / 2017

Why you should take up this “WordPress for Designer” course

You, as an UI designer, created a great web user interface. But you realised that the web developer that you have engaged cannot develop the site based on your requirement. He/She does not seem to understand your perfection for details, and you are frustrated that you can’t do anything about it.

Why not you create your website yourself?

By taking up this course, you will learn how to use WordPress, one of the best CMS you can use to create website easily. It comes with tons of customisation themes and plugins, so you can customise the design based on your need. You will learn from the basic, from how to install WordPress to styling your site with the relevant plugins.

Best for: 

  • People with designing background
  • User Interface (UI) designer that wish to upgrade themselves by learning more about WordPress for web development
  • Simple WordPress knowledge


Videos by Tyler Miles / CC BY