How you can create online course material (DIY)

you can learn how to create online course in this tutorials

How you can create online course material (DIY)

Published on: Mar / 2017

People ofter misunderstand that, creating online course is a complicated and expensive process. The truth is, it is not as complicated as you think and you can even create your own online content using simple tools with low or no cost! In this simple online tutorial, we will share with you on some of the tips where we find online on how you can create online course materials by

  • Guideline before creating online contents
  • Using Powerpoint to create presentation video
  • Tools that help you to do screencast of your screen
  • How to setup before you film your class
  • Using IPhone or Andriod phone to film high quality video

Of course there are lots of other ways on how you can do up your online contents. These are just some methods where we think are useful and easy to execute.

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